Some Japanese and Copenhagen news

Just a quick recap as a lot has been going on in my life. Sorry for the slackness on my blogs. The Japan 70.3 was a great, hot race, where Macca tested me and I ended up with a 2nd place. Then I went off to the US where I picked up a virus which knocked me for a six. I did end up going to Munice 70.3 where I was still experiencing the effects of my virus, I got a 10th place there.

Once back to Boulder I was trying to get on the mend so I could get a full block of solid training in for Challenge Copenhagen. Two weeks later I was off to try and make it a three peat at one of my favourite races Challenge Copenhagen.

Race morning started off well having a typical swim of mine. Onto the bike course, I rode up to Jimmy and Fredrick by the 20km mark and moved into 2nd place whilst Aaron was up the rode in 1st place. I dropped the boys and tried to close the gap on Aaron, but he was riding like a demon and kept putting time into me. I got off the bike 9 minutes down and knew it was going to be a long day as I immediately felt sick. On the run I was unable to hold any nutrition down and it was coming out both ends! Thanks to the crowd who encouraged me the whole way and helped get me to the finish line. I was upset with not being able to three peat but glad to give it a shot.

I wanted to thank the boys from Challenge Copenhagen for putting on a great event as always and maybe I might have to give it another shot.

I am now back on the Gold Coast to look after my wife, who was diagnosed with Cervical cancer just three days before my big Copenhagen race. She has now had her operation and is on the mend and I’m having to be her slave and do all the house duties…..

So my Aussie season is going to be big. First race for me is Port Douglas long course race, with a few others in between. My next big Ironman race will be Western Australia in December.

I’m disappointed that I wont be at Vegas 70.3 worlds but family comes first and there’s always next year.
Onwards and upwards from here!

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