Prerace report for Mooseman 70.3-New Hampshire

Well, I just wanted to check in before heading out to my first race, since I’ve settled into my new home in Boulder Colorado. I have been over here for nearly a month, and I’m feeling really comfortable with my training right now.
I was really itching to get out of Port Macquarie last month, because I felt the colder weather was really hampering my training, and I wanted to get over to the North American summer… ha ha. I arrived in Boulder Colorado, and it snowed my first night here. In fact for the first few weeks of training, there was typically piles of snow packed along the sides of the road. Fortunately for me, I brought over some of my Scody winter training gear, so I was rugged-up pretty well.
Matty White, is my new roommate for the next six months, and he had already arrived in our apartment a week before I showed up. It’s been a blast living full time with another professional triathlete, and we have been smashing out the K’s on the bike. Port Macquarie’s young cycling legend, Lachlan Morton, is also living in Boulder and racing with Team Garmin’s development team, and he has been doing a lot of training with us. We also have another Australian Pro, Tim Reed, who is not living with us, but he’s out there doing a lot of the same training with us.

It’s great to have a bunch of like-minded guys to train with, and the fact that they’re all Aussies is just a bonus. Ha ha.
I feel that I’m back into some good fitness, and I’ve adjusted from the travel over here, so I’m excited to head over to New Hampshire, which is on the northeast of the United States, a few hour drive from Boston Massachusetts. The race is called the Mooseman 70.3, and this is the first year that they’ve held this race. I’m looking forward to traveling over there with Matty White (a.k.a. Fatty Black) and I think we are both going to go really well considering our fitness, and training. Make sure to tune into Ironmanlive at the website for race updates. These should be coming in late Sunday evening (Australian Eastern Time).
Cheers for now,

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