A Wedding and What’s Next

A Wedding and What’s Next

Posted on 16. Mar, 2012 by in Preparation

Hi guys now it has been quite seem time since I last wrote a blog post, so here goes I will fill you in on my last few months so far which for me have been out of control busy!

So my first race for the year of 2012 was New Zealand Half Ironman where I got 3rd, not a bad start to the year on the podium. What I got out of this race was the realization that after a much needed break there was still some work to be done and I have a few cobwebs to dust out.

The next race on the cards was one I didn’t have originally in mind to do, but the fiancé said I need to go off and race and make some money. So off to the wild west I went for Goondiwindi hell of the west triathlon. I headed out with the boys (Adys and Andrew) for the long drive. I came home with a 2nd place at Hell of the West triathlon, not a bad result but still a little more work to done before Geelong.

So the field was a bit more competitive at Geelong and I hadn’t quiet got my position right on my new Giant yet, but I was there and ready to give it my best shot. I managed a 3rd and was happy with that. I now know where I am at for the rest of a very big and busy season. I have also ironed out my position on the Giant and can’t wait to hit the races in the US.

Next on the agenda was to be the most important day of my life our wedding. The weather was not so nice to us as it was quiet windy and raining most of the day, although for our outside beach ceremony it managed to stop raining for the 30 minutes that our ceremony took place, we were very lucky! Onwards to the reception and for the party to start. Our reception was held at Oskars and everything was perfect. It was such a fun night filled with lots love and crazy dance moves from the Aeromax tri crew! I do know there was defiantly a few sore heads in the morning and maybe not so much training haha. I want to thank everyone for coming and also for all the lovely gifts we received. I would also like to thank my wife for making the day perfect and that you looked amazing xx love you Bel.

So now that everything has gone back to normality for us on the Gold Coast, I have been training hard and will be leaving for the US in a couple of weeks to hit up Oceanside 70.3 race and possibly another one. I am heading to Boulder again to reap the rewards of altitude training. I will be there only for a month as I have a few Aussie races to do in May/June, and then back over to do the rest of the US season.
Anyway onwards and upwards peace out :)

I sat down with Triathlon and MultiSport magazine’s Tim Bradley before the Urban 2.80.20 in Geelong, Victoria.

I chat about my training, the up-and-coming wedding to Bel and my change to the shorter distance.

The moment has arrived for me to defend my 2010 Challenge Copenhagen title.

Here are some comments I made during Friday’s press conference.

This is such a great race and I had an amazing experience last year. The way we got looked after and the way it was organized was great. I have never defended a title before and it will be tough but I look forward to it.

Leading off the bike was great and the run was amazing taking us through the city and huge crowds and I’m looking forward to that again. It will for sure be a tough race and I’m going into this race with a big target on my back.

So stay tuned via Twitter for all the action.

I’ve got a big race year planned and one of the most challenging triathlons on my list is the Abu Dhabi race this March. What makes this race so different? For one, it’s the only Ironman I’ve ever raced with a full 200km bike section. That’s more biking than I’ve ever done, so it’s going to require a special kind of preparation.

So here’s the plan. My training program starts this Monday, and it goes all the way to the week before the race. During this time, I plan on gradually increasing my weekly distance on the bike, up to a point, and then leveling off right before the competition. I’ve used a similar approach for other races, so I know it works. It’s simply a matter of seeing what happens.

I’ll be keeping the same running and swimming distances each week. I’m only going to change the biking distance. During week one, I’ll be biking 650km, week two will be 850km, then 1000km for week 3, 600km, and finally 500km. The final week will be the most relaxed. I’ve found it’s much better to recover and do the race fresh than to try and push it one week out.

Week 3 will be the most challenging. I don’t think I’ve ever biked 1000 kilometers in a single week, and just so you know, I’ll be doing that on top of my other training. It’s certainly something I know I can do, but it won’t come easy. I’ll keep all of you posted on how it comes together.

This year’s new gear will certainly help out. I’ve got the 2011 [intlink id="522" type="post"]Canondale Slice[/intlink], and the [intlink id="522" type="post"]Shimano DI2 [/intlink] electronic gear shifting system. I like the Slice a lot because it reduces the shock from the rear, which basically means I don’t get tired as fast as I used to. And the DI2 makes gear shifting much smoother, another big time saver. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do for me.

I’ll also be doing some competition preparation out in Lennox head, where my coach lives. We’ve been spending a lot of one-on-one time together, mostly working on swimming. The biking is a big part of the Abu Dhabi race, but you can’t take everything else for granted. You still have to work on the fundamentals.

I’ve signed up for a few more races in the coming months. I’m registered for the Port Macquarie 70.3, the Bussleton 70.3, and the new Challenge Cairns Ironman. After that, I’ll be heading off to the USA to train in Boulder Colorado. As you can expect, I’m definitely going to do Challenge Copenhagen in August, and after that, it’s hard to tell. I haven’t signed up for anything that far out, but I definitely plan to do a few more races.

And that’s it for my training schedule. The most difficult week isn’t that far out, so I’ll let you all know how it goes with the biking.