See You On The Gold Coast!

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It’s been a beautiful summer here in Boulder CO – and an excellent chance to train with my friends. Now it’s to time to pack it all up and head back to Port Macquarie Australia to prepare for one of my favourite events of the year. The Gold Coast Half-Ironman will take place on Sunday, October 3rd at Calypso Bay in Brisbane. It will be a race to remember.

Boulder is such a fantastic place to train, and it’s a bit of a shame I have to leave (although It’ll be great to see my family). You get the high altitude exertion and a fun community with lots of friends who lead very active lifestyles. I spent most of the summer hanging out with Tyler Butterfield, Matty White, James Hadley, Matty Reed, Joe Gambles, Mitchy Robins, Tim Reed, and Adam Hoborow. You guys are the best, and I’m sure we’ll keep crossing paths.

What a rush these last few months have been. I still can’t believe I made away with the [intlink id="456" type="post"]Copenhagen win[/intlink]. It’s really exciting because it’s going to set me up pretty good for next year. And what a fun competition. You almost never see an Ironman that goes through a city, with one monument right after the next. Team Challenge did an awesome job of making us feel relaxed and at home. I rarely go to an [intlink id="21" type="category"]Ironman[/intlink] where I get to let down my hair and party like a rock star afterwards. I’m definitely looking forward to this competition next year!

So after about a month and a half in Australia, I’ll be back in the United States for the World Championship 70.3 Ironman in Clearwater Florida. It’ll be nice to get a bit of a recharge back home before tackling this race. I can’t wait to take my bike into Gordon Street Cycles to get it tuned. I’ve noticed it hasn’t been running quite the same, and they always do a banger of a job. I can’t thank them enough for what they do.

If all goes well, I’ll get my 2011 Canondale Slice in time for the Clearwater race. The Slice has a whole new design this year, and it’s performing better than ever. I would say my win in Copenhagen had a lot to do with this bike. My best mates were getting punctured tires, and I somehow made it through. But what can I say? I’m a sucker for that new bike smell.

I love this time of year. I travel so much I barely get a chance to be in a place I can call home. If you’re going to be in the Port Macquarie area, I’m sure I’ll run into you.

Here’s to seeing you on the other side of the world!

Video from my win in Copenhagen

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The ironman race in Copenhagen is finished, and what an impressive event! The guys from Challenge took up an enormous task when they decided to host the race in the middle of a major city. And, as if that weren’t enough, they were hit the heaviest rain Denmark has received in 25 years. The roads were flooded, and there were blockages throughout the city. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be in the organiser’s shoes. They did everything in their power to make the race a success, and they persevered.

The course was a little unusual for an Ironman. I’m used to small country roads and big hills. This was entirely different, but still very challenging. Instead of dealing with long climbs, we faced sharp turns and a single 72 metre hill we had to climb twice. When you added everything up, this wasn’t something that was going to be won easily.

I’ve also gotta hand it to the organisers for managing to cram every scenic destination in Copenhagen into the course while still giving us a run for our money. We passed by Amalienborg Castle, New Harbour, and the Opera before finishing at the Danish Parliament. It was truly great to take everything in.

Copenhagen is one of the few big cities where you can actually swim in the harbour. More and more people are doing swims there every year because the water is so clean. The swim course weaved its way under crowd-filled bridges. This was unlike any other Ironman swim. We could hear the roar of applause as we swam between the pylons. Adam Molnar and Martin Jenson made an early break from the swim and proceeded to put 2 to 3 minutes on the rest of the contenders. I put in a good effort and came out at 49.28 in 5th place.

The day started off overcast, and It was raining by the time I got onto my bike. My pace was not as fast as usual. There were a lot of smaller hills that were difficult to climb because you were slipping all over the place. What a difference the weather makes! We expected sunshine this time of the year, and we got one of the wettest Ironman’s yet.

It was kind of funny. A few of the guys were actually crashing on the slippery roads! We all had to contend with the highly technical course and infuriating “Denmark Flintstone.” It wasn’t going to be easy to get through this. Guys like Jimmy Johnson, Martin Jenson, and my own team mate Timmy Reed all suffered punctures.

I was lucky enough to make it through the bike section. With Martin out of the race, I broke away from the group at the 120k mark. I felt bad for Martin. I know how hard it is to DNF and have a bad race in your own hometown. I know he’ll get through it though. You just have to suck it up when that happens. You’ve gotta move on.

I ended up building a of 2:58 into T2 and riding the fastest time of the day 4.28.01. The whole time, I remember thinking, “what the hell? I’m going off the front? Well this is unexpected” I’m always surprised when I make a big break from the pack. I believe in my running ability, but it’s an entirely different thing when you see the results of that belief. I knew I still had a good Marathon in me at the start of the run.

The crowd on the run course was phenomenal. I was feeling good. I had Sebastian playing on the iPod, and it was keeping me in check. At the halfway mark, I had a nice lead of 6.27 over Keegan Williams. I’ve known Keegan for years, and he’s always been a solid runner. He was putting forward a great effort at Copenhagen!

Of course, you can’t keep the same pace forever. It wasn’t too long before I hit the wall, and believe me, the wall almost flattened me like a pancake. It all happened around the 36k mark. My energy was so sapped that I was nearly down to a walk. It was going to be a difficult recovery.

Thankfully, there were 125,000 people cheering me on. With that kind of support, you simply can’t stop running, no matter how you feel. It’s truly exciting to be a part of something so big. If it weren’t for that crowd, I wouldn’t have made it to the finish. It just goes to show how important your support is for all triathletes. You don’t need to do much. We just like seeing your faces at our events.

With 2k to go, all the pain went away. I started to pump my fist and blow kisses to the Danish girls! ha-ha. The organisers setup the most electric finish I have ever seen. Everyone was going crazy, and guess what song they played? I’m too sexy! Ha-ha. Genius! This is the same song they played when I won the Ironman in W.A.

I broke the tape in 8 hours, 7 minutes, and 38 seconds. My total run time was 2.46.54. Keegan Williams also ran brilliantly with a 2 hour 46 minute marathon. He came in 2nd place. Jens Grobeck took 3rd with all around solid performance.

I’ve gotta give a shout out to my girl Bek Keat for winning the women’s race. Her performance was fantastic, dipping just under 9 hours for the 2nd time in a few weeks.

Thanks again to the organisers. Thomas, Andreas, and Kim, we couldn’t have done this without you! The Challenge crew certainly know how to look after their participants, especially their professional athletes. They put on a very memorable race. I know I’ll never forget it. Well done guys!

New Compress Sport Ad

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Just wanted to thank the guys at Compress Sport for all of their efforts and support. They have come up with a new advertisement with yours truly.

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New Compress Sport advertisement

220 Triathlon magazine interview

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I was fortunate enough to be asked to do an interview with the 220 triathlon magazine a few weeks back. It was just after my race [intlink id="380" type="post"]Half Ironman in Busselton, Western Australia[/intlink].

A big thanks to the guys at the Australian 220 Triathlon magazine.

Interview with 220 Triathlon magazine